Sunday, 25 November 2007

Awakening Italian Enterprise

A small group of people familiar with entrepreneurship development in cambridge were invited to a day long semiar in Milan - by Il SOle 24 ore - the Financial Times of Italy. The participants from Italy included academics, managers of incubation centres, post docs, and doctoral students from science and technology..

They were certainly high calibre people at the cutting edge of their scientific disciplines.

But what happened to the spirit - the spirit of Italy that we see everywhere else? In football, sport, design, motor racing, the auto industry, design, fashion, food and so much else from Italy?

Is it that the scholarly culture of Italy is so far removed from the day to day of Italy or that Institutions have been set up to deliberatly extinguish the spirit of the people engaged in the pursuit of curiosity. One is of course tempted to think of the fate of Galileo or other "heretics" who challenged the orthodoxy of their period.

I want to know if there is a light burning in Italy and how it can be used to encourage the greater engagement of enterprise amongst such talented people?

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