Thursday, 13 December 2007

Corporate entrepreneurship at Virgin comics

Every so often - in the compnay of very senior managers from large organisations - you get the feeling that the term "entrepreneurship" or "entrepreneur" is a demon in their management jargon. This is a term that causes hostility and conversations that drift no where in particular. The term entrepreneur is regarded with some suspicion by managers.

But in reality as Prof Watson (Nottingham University) said - to make the distinction between entrepreneurship and management is to make a fatal distinction.
Entrepreneurs without management practices are as much a nightmare as are managers without an entrpreneurial spark within them.

Afterall how can you create new opportunities for organic growth, make mergers and acquisiions happen, develop new products and services without seeking to be innovative (i.e entrepreneurial).

Equally how can entrepreneurs - who might have great ideas and identify opporutnities make any of their dreams come alive without the disciplines of management?

So - the two skill sets need to sit alongside each other. And yesterday (12th December) I saw no better example than having run into Suresh Seetharaman of Virgin Comics. He and his colleagues have pulled together a remarkable team of creative people to develop new comics and animations by combining Indian and other legendary stories and bringing them to 21st century. When you look underneath the excitment of what they are creating - you can see that they have clearly closed the gap between "entrepreneurship and management" - they see no difference and thank goodness for such teams.

I wish them well!

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